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What is ONE STOP EDIT SHOP?  We are a small, independent collective of multi-media nerds that can edit video, film events, design websites, create music, write scripts, manage content, and quite a lot more.  If there is anything in particular that you would like completed in the media world, fire off an email!

Why are we here?  In simple terms we are here to help you with your media needs.  You may find yourself in a bit of a pickle as you need a website built pronto for your business, or you have the videos that your cousin filmed at your wedding but no way of editing them, or you need to keep on top of your Twitter but don’t know your Tweets from your Twerks.  We can help you with all of this!

Will you film our wedding?  No.  Sorry, but filming a wedding is a no-go area for us at ONE STOP EDIT SHOP. There are excellent companies out there that specialise in filming weddings, however, we are more than happy to edit the videos if you shot it yourself and need it completed.

What will it cost?  An excellent question that might need several answers!  Try looking at our ratecard to see if we have the right figures for you.

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